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Enhance Yourself with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat many problems and issues a person may have but it can also be used to enhance yourself in a number of ways. Whether you a sports athlete, a musician or a performer hypnotherapy can help enhance your skills and improve your confidence. 

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Coping with anxiety 

Anxiety is one of the most common psychological afflictions. You can rely on us to provide hypnotherapy to cope with anxiety. We will help you deal with painful thoughts that may be the cause for anxiety. 

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Weight loss hypnotherapy

Counselling, good diet and regular exercise may aid in weight loss. Our hypnotherapists provide weight loss hypnotherapy. Call us now for more information about our services.


may help you with:

  • anxiety treatment

    Stress and anxiety

  • smoking quit

    Habits and behaviours

  • couples


  • confidence

    Confidence at work

    public speaking, sales and performing

  • child

    Children's behaviours

    Nail biting, bed wetting, thumb sucking, fears etc.

  • exams


    Stress of exams, moving school etc.

  • relationship therapy

    Relationship problems

stress treatment

Developing a better perspective

If phobias and anxieties are deterring you from leading a normal life, we are here for you. Claire Woodruff Hypnotherapy provides hypnotherapy services. Hypnosis may enable you to focus better and stay calm. It can be used to help gain control over your behaviour and may help you cope with anxiety and pain. Speak to us today and we will provide you with a customised service in Kent

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