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Hypnosis is a perfectly naturally occurring state into which people drift in and out without being aware, an altered state similar to day dreaming. For example, when driving to the same place each day, not remembering passing the traffic lights, or being totally engrossed and focussed in reading or watching a film.

Yes. There is only a very small percentage of people for whom it may be difficult, the exceptionally young, the very old, the mentally ill and those under the influence of alcohol. This is because of a difficulty in being able to focus. Having said this, children are exceptionally good subjects, as they have a very good imagination.

Yes, you are always aware of what is happening around you and can hear what is being said. You are never in anyone else’s power.

Hypnosis can allow you to make the changes you want to achieve success in all things psychological, physiological, emotional and behavioural. i.e. phobias, addictions, obsessions, and is particularly valuable for performance enhancement for sportsmen, actors, musicians and salesmen etc.  

The client will be made to feel at ease in comfortable surroundings where they can discuss how they feel and what is happening in order to identify the issue/s with the help of the therapist, set the goals and agree the treatment.

No, again, you are always in control, and your subconscious mind would not allow you to do anything against your moral code.

You are not asleep in hypnosis although may appear to be in a sleep like state. However, should you go to sleep you would be gently awoken without being aware of it.

This all depends on the individual/issue/response and is decided with the client. However two sessions should be undertaken to reinforce and make changes permanent. All treatment will be undertaken as time efficiently as possible because of the cost and the fact that nobody wants to reinforce the possession of issues. It’s a case of acknowledge it, deal with it and move forward!

Generally around an hour, hour and a half perhaps for the initial session as there may be a lot to talk about. The session is not time limited and takes as long as is necessary.

There are no side effects and you are perfectly able to drive afterwards. You will probably feel calmer and more relaxed while totally alert, and most clients report a marked improvement of sleep quality.
What do I need to bring, do before a session?
Nothing at all, all that is required is cooperation and an open mind.

No, it is not possible to stay in hypnosis; people often ask “what if something happens to the hypnotherapist?” You may drift into a short sleep but would generally awaken naturally almost immediately.

No, definitely not. The subconscious mind is there for your protection 24 hours a day and will only receive messages in your best interest and wishes. Should any hypnotherapist say something you didn’t like you’d just regain conscious awareness.

Yes. Hypnosis is merely a tool used to access the subconscious mind in order to facilitate the therapy. There are many ways to use this, from direct suggestion to visualisation, and interactive work between client and therapist, depending on requirement and agreement.

Nothing but cooperation and willingness to participate. It is however a shared experience, working together to achieve predetermined goals agreed before the treatment.

Totally, whatever is confided remains between the client and therapist and although clients are at liberty to discuss their treatment /experience with whomever they please the therapist will neither disclose the names of clients or any information relating to them or their treatment. Clients may have total confidence.

No not at all, in fact quite the reverse. The majority of people know what they want, need to be doing on a conscious level but feel they lack the willpower to achieve it, hypnosis allows the issues to be addressed on a subconscious level where willpower is not required.

Yes, hypnotherapists work to a strict code of ethics and are fully insured. It is quite acceptable to make enquiries as to experience, qualifications and membership of professional bodies. We hope this answers some of the questions you may have but please feel free to ring for a chat or e-mail if there is anything else you wish to know or talk about without any obligation.  

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